Chilly 2008!

Once again several "swines" attended the Chilly half marathon in Burlington this past weekend....

Even thou it was just suppose to be a "fun" Sunday training run/walk several PB's were established. With the "devine swine" crown going to Melanie who managed to take a whooping 27 minutes off of her previous half marathon time!

Are rawkin' walkers were....

41 Claire 2:45.19
89 Melanie 2:54:01

and runners (in no particular order)

690 Lynne 1:54:49
712 Jo 1:55:30
713 Mike T 1:55:17
646 Richard 1:53:46
295 Bandit 1:43.38
247 Mike 1:40:58
1794 "O" 2:39.04
1113 Barry alias Denise 2:06:15
1278 Eva 2:10:50
1279 Karen 2:10:52
887 Geri 1:59:48
805 Rob 1:58:53
660 Miriam 1:54:44

Next race we go back to where it all began, the Flying Pig Marathon in May!

On the Road Again...

Geri and Jo had enough of Toronto weather and decided to hit the road early this year. Heading to Tampa Florida they ran the Gasparilla Marathon. Despite very few long runs during their training (thanks to the snow, ice and freezing temperatures) they both ended up tied with a time of 4:20:30. The sunshine was sooooo nice and the temperatures soooo warm that these two devine swiners plan on making a February marathon in the sun an annual event! Hope you join us next year!

11th annual United States Air Force Marathon

First the Marines and now the Air Force! Once again 100% Canadian Bacon took to the road and what a road trip it was. There were a few PB's (O, Claire and Jo), a few PW's (okay those will remain nameless), a break in (thank you Richard for keeping safe the Victoria Secret purchases), a memorable pre-race dinner (who would have thought you could spend so much time looking up), a memorable post-race dinner (who would have thought it would take over an hour to make a salad) and as always a lot of great fun! Does anyone know if the US Navy sponsors a race?

..."Lord, what fools these runners be!" ...

Wow what a night! We go out for an evening 30k training run (I seem to remember a 7k pace was suggested) and end up setting PB's all over the place! Most notably "Speed-O" and Eva who both ran their fastest 10k, 21k (too bad it wasn't an official half marathon) and 30k distance. Jo and Larry also set PB's for the 30k distance. Great evening training run everyone!

Next up US Air Force Marathon in Dayton, Ohio....

Top Hogs!

It's been a while since there's been a new post but that doesn't mean we haven't been out running, having great fun and much success.

Recently some of us trail lovers ran in the 5 Peaks series at Larry's favourite venue, Rattlesnake Point....

On the Sport Course

Geri finished 2nd in the Sport for her age
Angela who thought she was going to walk and finish last actually finished running in a respectable 34:54
Barry finished in 27:10 without even running (good job Richard)
Jo placed 6th in her age group but remains the leader in overall points for 40-49 y/o swine

On the Enudro Course
David despite arriving late and running under the pseudo name of David "Silk" (as in smooth as....) finished in 1:21:47
Lynne finished 3rd in the Enduro for her young age
Rob (sometimes a RiffRaff sometimes a Beaner) finished 7th in his age steps behind his Dad (aka Edgar)
Of course the aforementioned times were all in part due to the wonderful support we received from Claire, thanks girlfriend!

And in the new Nissan 10 Miler.....

Karen appears to be following the training program perfected by Barry with success and finished in a time of 1:35.40
David continued to live up to his silky name and finished with a smooth time of 1:29.30 (trails the day before was the warm up run)
Eva and Denise ran neck and neck finishing tied in 1:41:15.7

Congratulations to all!
Next up a Midsummer Night's Run!

Sunday June 24th

We are running this Sunday morning June 24th at 7:00 am from Mr. Bean's. The plan is to run long and slow for 19k along the waterfront trail, similar to last week but with a few more kilometers.

Hope to see you there!

Wow Claire....You Walk!

Congratulations Claire for a fabulous race walk this weekend in the Alfie Shrubb 8K Clasic! We are all very proud of you! For those who weren't there, check out Claire's results.....

7th out of 62 walkers in a time of 59:59.
3rd out of 47 in your age group (40 - 49)
3rd female out of 50

Geri and Lynne better move over on the podium before they know it you'll be climbing right up there beside them!